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The Jak – Wicked Hysteria


Interpretations created by the Jak. A homage to Lil Louis & Dj Rush. Made In Chicago. “Experiencing music collectively is a critical part of absorbing it’s meaning and it’s unique ability to communicate abstract ideas that resonate differently with different individuals.” the a- side is a Lil Louis production recreated by hand by playing the notes differently then the original concept with different drums, additional FM synth strings and altering the sound preset that was sequenced at a certain tone…the original til this day is still unreleased called “Homework” that (the jAk) renamed “Tribute” to pay homage to the song and sound from the era of underground experimental house. the b-side is from a recording captured live from a party that (jAk) planned to go see DJ Rush at and brought in a handheld micro-cassette recorder in 1996. many years later recently he went back to listen to the party from the cassette he digitized and took it upon himself to attempt a recreation with an interpretation adding ideas on the fly not knowing if it was on point or not but did his best knowing he wouldn’t be able to come close to the original he has that’s also unreleased but did the best he could.. (jAk) never knew the title of the production so he gave his version a title..Wicked Hysteria. both musical concepts are absolutely crucial to Chicago..

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